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Once upon a time, a young boy grew up on a farm dreaming of a day when he would be surrounded by fast women and faster cars. A time when a ride in a convertible meant a smooch behind the barn, unfortunately, that dream never came true. Dad drove a 56 Dodge Polara, 4-door and I swore I’d never be seen in a Polara again.

My first car was a real step up to a 56 4-door taxi 6 cylinder Chevy that I souped up. I was King of the ‘farm boys’. My first ford was a 1975 Mustang Ghia. I bought it used, picked it up from a transmission shop, put 3 more trannies in, and it ran great until the dashboard unexpectedly caught fire. End of Mustang #1. No more fords for me … except for the $150 Pinto I bought for a winter ride. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t destroy that car. Until finally the body fell off the sub-frame.

No more Fords for me … until 1999. I really thought Ford had to have a better idea (at least that’s what they told us in the commercials), so I figured one more try. I stopped by my brother-in-law “Honest Jack” and he said he had a deal for me. Which is his way of saying I’m not making a dime on this car. It was a low mileage Red Mustang Convertible, and I fell in love with it. But, I had to get it into the garage without Carol seeing it! She saw it.

Carol is very practical and said she neither needs nor wants another car, least of all a “summer car”. The word STUPID came up a lot in that conversation but since her brother gave us such a good deal, how could she refuse. That was Mustang number one.

One sunny day as we cruised the peninsula in our Red Mustang, we came upon a herd of Mustangs and followed right behind them until they stopped at a park pavilion. We found ourselves right in the middle of the Can-Am get together. Not to be unsociable, we mingled and found out what was going on. Mike Henderson introduced himself and described LEMOC and Can-Am, and invited us to join in. Fifteen dollars included membership and 2 dinners. What a deal, especially when you’re hungry.

Mustang number two came around pretty much the same way as number one did. Again, “Honest Jack” took another beating, again Carol said she didn’t want or need two “summer cars”, and again the word STUPID flew around like fly balls at a Seawolves game. But, after the dust settled, we owned a Yellow 98 Mustang Convertible. We love the color, and I’ve always said the only thing better owning a Mustang convertible is owning 2 Mustang convertibles.

Since joining LEMOC, we have met many nice people and look forward to many more excursions. I just hope “Honest Jack” doesn’t come up with a 428 Boss or Shelby. I would hate to take advantage of him again!!

P.S. I did get that smooch behind the garage for the yellow Mustang!!



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