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    I've enjoyed antique and classic cars my entire life. I was hooked to the point that our neighbor in Lawrence Park (Ed Strong, former Chief of Police) would take me to the corner and try to stump me. I was petty good at spotting different models and one day I was with Ed and former Lawrence Park commissioner Bud DePlachet. Keep in mind that this was summer of 1963. Bud's wife pulled up in a VW convertible, yellow with a black top. Knowing that I was pretty good at spotting years and makes Bud bet Ed that I could not tell him the year of the car. Ed took the bet and on his command I said 1963. Bud went nuts because $5.00 was a lot of money in 1963. Of course Bud wanted to know how I knew but I wouldn't tell him. Savvy car guys know, don't you?

My 1st Mustang experience was 1965, I was 12. I was at my friend Ricky's house when his dad pulled in the driveway and surprised Ricky and his Mom with a white coupe with red interior. I was hooked.

My 1st car was a 1963 Falcon, 170 CI 6 cylinder with 3 on the tree (it was a little weak on power). With 3 guys in it I had to back up Cooper Hill Rd. Through the years I've had a 77 Thunderbird, 79 Pinto, LTDs and other family cars.

In 1998 I bought a VW convertible as a “fun” car to replace my ailing Lincoln Town car. Our collection increased in size when I bought Pat a pick up truck to travel back and forth to the stables. We needed a way to haul our family around so we bought a van. Then we needed a “trip car” so we bought a sedan. Then our children started to move all over the country so we bought a motor home. Of course we never sold anything, we just kept adding to the collection.

Then it happened, 2003 was the year that the new Mustang went on display along with the Cobra at Cobo Hall in Detroit. I went nuts. Pat was very agreeable to have a new toy in the garage. I studied everything I could find on options and combinations. The Canadian Ford web site was more complete than the USA version. I ordered my car from Ferrando and took delivery the weekend before Thanksgiving in 2004. Legend Lime Green, 1000 watt stereo, spoiler delete, classic mag wheels, Parchment interior with the ponies running across the cloth seats, 300 horses, GT badges. Wow! It only took 40 years to get one of my own.

We joined LEMOC shortly after the Mustang purchase and never dreamed we would meet such nice people.

Keep in mind that while I'm the car nut in the family, Pat has a mustang of her own. Katie is a 21 year old 4 legged mustang that Pat has owned since Katie was 4 years old. She also owns Taco, a registered Quarter Horse with a zero to 60 time that scares me.


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