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I was initiated into the Mustang world while in 8th grade. The high school science teacher drove a bright yellow 69 Boss 302 (the kind of car you could not overlook). I wondered why it sounded so good, and he informed me it was the solid lifters that made that oh-so-sweet rumble. At 13, I had no idea what a lifter even did, let alone a solid one!

My first car was a $50 Maverick with a very potent 170 cubic inch engine that was so weak it would barely spin the tires in the snow. That made it an excellent winter car as long as you were not in a hurry to get anywhere. I customized the interior with multicolored checkered fun fur, and did a custom paint job on the exterior with about 15 cans of Western Auto spray paint. I never saw another like it!!

In 1976 my sister’s boyfriend drove up one day in a 1969 Candy Apple Red Mach I. That was it for me … I had to have one. That winter the boyfriend talked my dad into using our garage to paint the Mach and I got initiated into major bodywork and mechanicals. When we stripped it down, we found a lot of rust and the engine needed a rebuild. At that time Auto Supply in Detroit had all the ‘go fast goodies’ so we ordered all the good stuff. When the body was repaired, he decided to paint it Calypso Coral and when done, it was awesome. About a month after it was completed he enlisted in the Marines and a deal was struck to take over the payments (all of $75/month).

I installed new shocks, brakes, and lines, and now it not only went fast, but actually stopped too! A couple weeks after I gave him the car back, we found a wrecked 69 302 Sportsroof a few miles from home. I talked the owner into selling it for $500 and had to pay for a tow truck to get it home. I worked on it every minute I could until it was straightened out and what wasn’t fixable got a slathering of bondo. The engine was rebuilt with the best parts a poor high school kid could afford. I drove the wheels off that car until I went to college and inherited a 67 VW Bug. I sold it to my best friend who had it for a whopping 2 weeks before wrapping it around several pine trees.

Fast forward to 1991, married, 2 kids and driving by Ferraro Ford I found my youth again in a used 91 GT. We intended to use it as a daily driver until I joined LEMOC that year and started to go to shows and cruises, then it was only driven in good weather. We only put 15,000 miles on the car in 7 years.

In 1996 I found a 66 Coupe in Ohio that we dragged home and Robert funded his first Mustang restoration. Boy, did we learn a lot on that car! It was completed just in time to go to the 35th anniversary in Charlotte. He still has the car but barely drives it.

I found my current car, a 69 Mach I in 1997. It sat for 5 years in my garage until we decided to sell the 91 to fund the restoration. I started getting serious in 2003 to have the car completed for the 40th in Nashville. It was a long year but the restoration was completed on April 12th, and it was on the trailer headed to Nashville the next day.

We have made a lot of friends along the way, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun and great times. We look forward to many more years in the Mustang hobby and with the great group of people in LEMOC. I am currently toying with selling the Mach to fund a Boss 302 clone project. I also recently bought a 2009 anniversary Vapor Silver GT and am in the process of personalizing it.

……. and the beat goes on.












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