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For anyone who may not have noticed yet, I love racing!!  I grew up just miles from Lebanon Valley Speedway just outside of Albany NY and have been involved in racing all of my life.  So nobody was surprised when they heard that I was working at a race track.

I have always been a fan of racing, regardless of the type of racing or racing surface.  I am currently the Facilities and Special Events Manager at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, PA.  I started off as an intern and have gradually worked my way up the ladder.

My first car was ‘almost a Mustang’.  It was an old beat up fox body that seemed to be a little more work than I could handle at the time.  So I had to wait until my 25th birthday to buy my first real Mustang.  It is a 2004 GT, and I absolutely love it.  I try and do as many cruise-ins and car shows as I can, but my job does not allow me to do all the shows I would like to.

Now that I finally have a nice Mustang I am always trying to show it off.  I have a fancy LED underbody light show and love doing burnouts and making noise.  My favorite Mustang memory would have to be the burnout competition at Lake Erie Speedway in August of 2009.  I mounted up a set of junk tires and had a blast during the competition.  The track surface was very wet so I did not get much smoke but I still put on a show.  I walked away with a first place trophy and some money so I was even happier.

I love the attention my car gets and I continue to add modifications which hopefully turn some heads when I cruise by.  My ideal Mustang would be a 2004 Cobra, so someday soon I hope to be able to turn some heads with one of those.

“Everybody gets where they need to go … I like looking good and making noise getting there”!!












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