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I have to admit that I enjoy and appreciate all antique and classic cars, regardless of manufacturer. But I’m sure my preference for Fords comes from my entire family owning and driving nothing but Fords (except 1 brother-in-law who insisted on owning a Cadillac – we ignored it for my sister’s sake).

My first car was a 65 Fairlane with a whipped 289 that burned nearly as much oil as gas. I lost my first ever drag race to a 6-cylinder Camaro, and vowed that would never happen again. No, I didn’t rebuild the engine, I just never drag-raced anyone with that car again!! I then moved to a 71 Torino with a 351 Cleveland, Ram-Air, and Hurst 4-speed. No problems getting to point B with this car!!

Every car lover has one car they wish they had back. The Torino is mine!! I got $500 trade-in value for it … the biggest car mistake of my life!! So far anyway.

Anne and I had many dates in both those cars, but I figured I had better upgrade if I wanted her to say Yes. So I bought a new 76 Mustang II Ghia, complete with velour interior, sunroof, and powerful 4-cylinder automatic! Yeah, yeah, I know some of you are thinking “wimper Mustang”, but I really wouldn’t mind having this one back either.

But, my plan worked and she said yes! It was the beginning of a long beautiful relationship with Mustangs (33 years)… and Anne (32 years)!

As most of you know, we currently own a 64 ½ Convertible and a 90 7-Up Special. I say we, but Anne really claims the 64 ½. It is her sunny-day driver and she really gets a kick from drawing comments from envious guys she passes by. I enjoy the 5.0 muscle, but have a slight problem wearing rear tires (need to check the rear alignment I guess).

Our daughter Abby, grew up driving the 64 ½ (yes, she drove it quite often). She now lives in Southern Maryland, which is very weather friendly for Mustangs. I don’t know if it was coincidence or fate, but her boyfriend is a Mustang guy too. He has owned an 89 GT since high school, but a recent accident now has them in a great looking 88 GT Convertible.

Okay, I guess that’s it for my Mustang history. Think Spring!!



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