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“2 Mustangs”  -  This is what I use for many of my computer logins.

Let me tell you the story —

I bought my first Mustang, a Convertible of course, during a snow storm in January!  Yes January!  January 12th of 1966 to be exact.  At Ferrando Ford in Girard.  Yes they were in Girard at that time.

I was a Senior at then Gannon College and would be graduating in a few months, so I needed some wheels.  And WOW, the Mustang was a sharp car for a young up-and-coming soon to be Accountant.  Joy, my soon to be bride, and I picked out a V-8 Convertible in Vintage Burgundy with a white top.

This car served us well for 4 ½ years, and 70,000 miles of traveling back and forth to Cleveland, OH (I worked for Arthur Andersen), Indianapolis, IN (US Army Finance School) and Killeen, TX (First Armored Division) and eventually back to Erie with our 2 daughters and a cat.  The photo of me and our Mustang Convertible, was taken in June, 1966.  I was 22 years old and on my way to my first day on the job in downtown Cleveland.

I traded-in the car in 1970 and drove only more family oriented cars for the next quarter century.  But since I had such fond memories of this “legend”, I always considered some day getting another Mustang.

In July 1994, upon my retirement from the U. S. Army Reserves, the urge struck me.  I saw in the paper that there was a Mustang show in Edinboro.  I went to the show and met many Mustang enthusiasts including Bob Nichols.  I asked Bob if he knew of any Mustangs for sale.  He put me in touch with Tony Trippi, a LEMOC member from Mentor, OH.  The next week I purchased one of his 2 Mustangs, another 1966 Convertible (Acadian Blue, white top, 6 cylinder).

Two and a half years later, while reading the Mustang Times, I came across a classified ad that I could not get out of my mind, a 1966 Mustang Convertible, V8, in Vintage Burgundy with a white top.  I had to see this car.  So in February of 1997, my Son and I took off for Fredericksburg, VA to check out this classic.  It brought back so many beautiful memories.  The young Marine Corps Major was being transferred and was forced to sell his car.  His wife was in tears the next day as I drove the car out of their neighborhood, once again through a freak snow storm in Virginia, and on back to Erie.

I’ve had so much fun driving these 2 cars for the past decade plus!  I know I don’t need 2 classic cars, but I have grown attached to both.  I have had a ball going to Cruises, Shows, and just tooling around town.  I would consider selling one of them, but only to a good home, and only if I could get a 2005 or newer Mustang—a Convertible of course..



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