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    I have enjoyed all types of cars growing up. My father bought a 1963 Corvette convertible when I was about 14 and I was really hooked on it and car shows. We did some minor detailing and restoring of the car over the years and he still has the car today. I always wanted my own Corvette, but after I got my first job as a teacher, most Vettes that I looked at were way out of my teacher salary range.

Maybe being born in June, 1964 (exactly 64 ½) started my interest in Mustangs. I remember seeing a 1969 silver Mach I in the parking lot at our apartment complex and that car started my love of Mustangs. Since I couldn’t afford a Vette out of college, maybe I should buy and restore an old Mustang?

I looked for the right car for over a year in Ohio and PA until I found it about six miles from my parent’s house. It was a 1966 convertible that needed a lot of work. After tearing it down in my parent’s garage and getting a rolling chassis, I towed it to Conneaut to finish it. I expected to be finished in about a year but after three years, I was finally able to drive my Candy Apple Red/Black/Black convertible. My first show was kind of a surprise as in the 1964-66 class, there were eleven red Mustangs and one honey-gold. I figured that I should have painted it a different color but it was too late. My 66 has a couple things that need fixing, but I’m sure it will be on the road in 2010.

My next Mustang was a 1994 GT convertible that I bought in 1995. Again I looked all over for what I wanted and found it in Akron, in August. The price was too high for me but when the car was not sold in August, the price went down. Still too high and another month. Price lowered but not enough for me so I waited. Each month the price went down until at Thanksgiving, the price was right and it became my 2nd Mustang. The 94 Stang has 125,000 miles on it and still runs great.

After buying my 94, I heard about L.E.M.O.C. and decided to join just in time for the 1996 Can-Am Cruise in Niagara Falls and I was hooked. I enjoy all the activities with LEMOC and I haven’t missed a Can-Am event since. I really enjoy cruising with a long line of Mustangs and all the envious looks we get on the road.

I started to want more POWER in my Mustang so I started looking at Cobras on E-Bay in late 2002. By Oct. 2003, I had the highest bid on about ten Cobras but never met the reserve. I then had the highest bid on a 2001 True Blue Cobra convertible but was about $1500 below the reserve. I e:mailed the owner and he said make an offer. I offered him $500 more and he said he would have liked $750 more but he took it and I drove out to southern Chicago and brought it home. It was a great drive home and the Cobra averaged 26 mpg at 75 mph. Some of you know it as the Bat Mobile (Thanks Fran!) with the sportster cover on it.

I have owned six cars in my life and still have five of them. Along with my trio of Stangs, I have a PT Cruiser and an Explorer. Oh, I forgot - I just got engaged to Laurie (8/11/09) so I guess I picked up a Honda CR-V in the deal!!

I look forward to helping LEMOC continue to grow and be a great club. If there is anything I can do, I will be there!


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