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I became addicted to Mustangs during the summer of 1991, when I was 17 years old. My dad had discussed earlier in the Spring allowing me to get a car, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to pull into the driveway with a shiny, Canyon Red 2.3 Fox body Mustang! My friends and I had a fantastic summer cruising the dock that year.

I loved that car so much that I kept it for 17 years!! I was sort of sad when I let her go to buy my new one. I wish I would have had room in my garage to keep her for my boys to make their teenage memories in. When my son Andy was 7, he named her Wicked because she used to like to break traction on loose gravel. Oh wait, that was me he called ‘Wicked’ … but we won’t go there.

Now I have a “big girl” car, a sassy 03 GT Convertible, just like her owner. I love to show her off at cruise-in’s, shows, and parades with my kids and my friends from LEMOC. I think it is so funny when I hear at the shows ‘this is the one that lady drives’, or ‘there is a car seat in here’! Who says you can’t be a mom and still be cool!!

My name is Tammy Wright … and I am a Mustang addict!



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