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My first car was a 1955 Chevy, 4 door sedan that was super fast. We used to drag race on East Grandview Blvd, in front of the then St. Mark’s Seminary. I then had numerous other cars including … Chevrolets - 49 coupe (my only car with less than 8 cylinders), 55, 56, 61, 63 Impala SS; several Pontiacs, a Buick or two, and even a few Mopars.

But, when the 64 ½ Mustang came out, I thought it should have been a Chevy. So, I started buying Fords, with my first being a 69 4-door family sedan. Back in those days, rear tires didn’t last too long (must have been the poor rubber compounds of the time). I’ve had a dozen or so Fords since 1970, not including the 5 we own now.

I tried to raise my children right, but they have strayed from the Ford family of fine cars. I even used to like my son-in-law when he owned a Mustang … just kidding.

I joined the ranks of Mustang ownership about 10 years ago when I bought a 69 coupe. I still own this Mustang and do “stuff” to it nearly every winter (transmission rebuild, rebuilt engine, disc front brakes, suspension mods, etc.). I also have an 86 GT convertible under construction, and an 85 LX convertible as a parts car. Four years ago, when I bought the 86 I thought 2 – 3 years to get it on the road. But ……..

Kim is not a true car person, but she would like to have a 60’s Co … Cor … Cor … one of those Chevy sports cars. But, she bought the 85 Mustang for me several years ago for an anniversary present. That was with the idea that she would get the 86 when it was done.

I enjoy my membership in LEMOC and have made many friends. Kim and I really enjoy our club events and have had some memorable experiences with LEMOC.





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